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5. Our partners


For Accor, first global hotel operator, Energy Observer is much more than a simple operation of sponsorship, it is really an opportunity to engage its employees and its customers in the energy transition. As part of Planet 21, Accor group’s sustainable development programme, the ambition of this partnership is to reproduce, along with the CEALiten, technologies proven by Energy Observer within AccorInvest pilot facilities in order to test them within a hotel environment before considering a largerscale deployment.

Energy Observer is a promising epic that will contribute to propel Accor forward. Each year, the Group consumes over 400 million euros in water and energy. We managed to reduce this consumption by 7% in five years, but we must go even further, and our partnership with Energy Observer and the CEA-Liten will help us do this. By committing ourselves alongside Energy Observer, Accor reaffirms its ambition to be pioneer in today's energy transition. To move faster in the search for new, clean, and sustainable energies- this is the objective of this partnership.

Sébastien Bazin,
Accor Chief Executive Officer

About Accor

Accor is a world-leading augmented hospitality group offering unique and meaningful experiences in 4,800 hotels, resorts, and residences across 100 countries. With an unrivalled portfolio of brands from luxury to economy, Accor has been providing hospitality savoir-faire for more than 50 years.
Beyond accommodations, Accor enables new ways to live, work, and play with food & beverage, nightlife, wellbeing, and coworking brands. To drive business performance, Accor’s portfolio of business accelerators amplify hospitality distribution, operations, and experience. Guests have access to one of the world’s most attractive hotel loyalty programs—Le Club AccorHotels.

Accor is deeply committed to sustainable value creation, and plays an active role in giving back to planet and community. Planet 21 – Acting Here endeavours to act for positive hospitality, while Accor Solidarity, the endowment fund, empowers disadvantaged groups through professional training and access to employment.

For AccorInvest, hotel investor, owner & operator leader in Europe, this partnership is a fantastic way to actively participate in the energy transition. Accessing to innovations, apprehending and testing them should allow faster transposition and integration of technologies in hotels than the traditional cycle. This is a real opportunity for the Group to be involved in an alternative and major project to federate the AccorInvest teams.

The Energy observer project is a technical and human partnership of compelling intensity. It is a true catalyst of energy between the different teams and constitutes for the Group a source of innovation on energy architecture of buildings of the future.

John Ozinga,
AccorInvest Chief Executive Officer

About AccorInvest

AccorInvest is both owner and operator of a property portfolio of more than 850 hotels, owned and leased, located in 26 countries of Europe, Latin America and Asia.
The Group invests to consolidate its property portfolio through hotel acquisitions and renovations and new developments in Europe in the economy & midscale segments.

AccorInvest relies on an international team of more than 30,000 employees. These talents practice complementary expertise: a deep knowledge of local conditions and opportunities, know-how in the Asset Management fields, longstanding passionate experts of the hospitality industry who are dedicated to delivering great service and unique guest experience.

AccorInvest entered into long-term management contracts with Accor, owner of world-class brands such as ibis, Novotel, Mercure, etc., to offer operational excellence in its hotels. This privileged partnership assures continual enhancement of its hotel portfolio attractiveness and guest satisfaction.

5. Our partners


Thélem Assurances

Thélem assurances, one of the major mutual insurance companies in France and already a partner of Victorien Erussard’s sailing project "Défi Voile Solidaires en Peloton", supports the sailor in his new project. It aims to involve its collaborators and employees in this odyssey to find energy transition and sustainable development solutions.

The whole company passionately supports this expedition because it combines innovation as well as social and environmental responsibility. This project completely resonates with Thélem’s preoccupations, such as climate change, a major risk for us as a mutual insurance company, and the search for new solutions to help transform our business so as to continuously be at the service of our members.

Daniel Antoni,
CEO of Thélem Assurances.

About Thélem Assurances

With nearly 200 years of experience at the service of its members, Thélem assurances owes its longevity to its ongoing capacity to reinvent itself. With its signature “Thélem assurances innovates for you», it expresses its commitment to evolve its profession, and bring new insurance solutions to its clients.
The relationship with its members is based on an understanding of their needs, the quality of contracts, and a respect towards all commitments.
The Thélem assurances Group engages in the insurance practice of people, assets, and liability for individuals and professionals. Its services are accessible via channels of digital and physical distribution, including 268 branches distributed in 45 departments and 242 brokers, covering almost the entire territory. Thélem assurances is also a supplier of insurance services for distribution partners.
The company achieved a turnover of nearly 334 million euros in 2015, corresponding to a portfolio of 965 348 contracts and of 461 598 members. Its headquarters are located in Chécy, in the Loiret.

5. Our partners


Delanchy Transports

For the DELANCHY Group, the partnership with Energy Observer seals its ambition to begin the energy transition to transport. It is part of the continuity of the sustainable development approach undertaken in its CSR programme.

Moving forward without waiting for changes in its activities, DELANCHY is also exploring in the field the technologies available in the world of transport and logistics.
The Group is thus building its own « energy mix » by using trucks that comply with the latest standards in force, 100% electric refrigerated trucks in urban areas, and gas and biogas vehicles at various agencies.
Inspired by its commitment to ENERGY OBSERVER, the DELANCHY Group is also committed to hydrogen solutions with its various partners, notably by testing in 2020 the first hydrogen refrigerated semi-trailer developed by the manufacturer CHEREAU.

The Group is embarking on the adventure after meeting Victorien ERUSSARD and his crew during the sporting and charitable challenges of the Défoi Voile Solitaires en Peloton - ARSEP association.
Main Partner, DELANCHY is also Logistics Partner for the shore teams in the organisation of various events, stopovers and shows.

Because tomorrow is today.
We continue to believe that ecology is an awareness that concerns everyone. The environment is more than ever at the heart of our concerns. We are embarking with Energy Observer to prove that a cleaner and more respectful future for mankind and the planet is possible.
This project is in perfect harmony with our desire to develop renewable energies for future generations.
#TransportingTheFuture is our watchword and we are convinced we can do it.
It is with small streams that large rivers are formed.

Brigitte DELANCHY,
CEO - Delanchy Transports Group

About Delanchy Transports

Since 1968, DELANCHY has been a family-owned and independent group, specialising in the transport and logistics of seafood and fresh produce under positive temperature control.
Its network of 41 agencies (France, Italy, Spain; large air and sea export services), employs 3200 people and operates a fleet of nearly 1000 vehicles.
An expertise of more than 50 years which today enables the DELANCHY Group to respond to all types of requests, with services for many customers, from the smallest to the largest food-processing groups.
Since its creation, the company has never ceased to overcome obstacles, distinguishing itself from the very first years by offering just-in-time transport of goods between Lorient and Lyon.
Its need to create and commit itself is a trait of character that allows it to evolve and grow, in a constantly changing sector, while maintaining a close relationship with the men and women of the company.

5. Our partners



ENGIE is proudly supporting Energy Observer for the third year in a row. This partnership is an expression of shared commitments to bring about a sustainable planet and a harmonious form of progress.

Energy Observer is more than just a boat packed with innovative technology: it’s an adventure that ENGIE is supporting, a round-the-world trip discovering concrete solutions for a zero-carbon transition.

Over the past two years, the Energy Observer’s Odyssey for the Future has been marked by major technological breakthroughs, such as the development of green hydrogen and renewable energies, and unexpected encounters that help raise everybody’s awareness of the need to act quickly and implement real initiatives.

By partnering Energy Observer, ENGIE is supporting a unique experiment which demonstrates the viability of a virtuous energy system, establishing hydrogen as a key energy of the future.

Once again this year, ENGIE employees will be involved in the project, presenting solutions that the Group is working on and which set out to produce and distribute a greener form of energy, while at the same time helping its clients - towns, industries, the tertiary sector and individuals - to embrace the climate challenge.

For ENGIE, Energy Observer’s Odyssey for the Future is one that delves into a sustainable and possible world.



We are a global energy and services group, focused on three core activities: low-carbon power generation, mainly based on natural gas and renewable energy, global networks and customer solutions. Driven by our ambition to contribute to a harmonious progress, we take up major global challenges such as the fight against global warming, access to energy to all, or mobility, and offer our residential customers, businesses and communities energy production solutions and services that reconcile individual and collective interests.
Our integrated - low-carbon, high-performing and sustainable - offers are based on digital technologies. Beyond energy, they facilitate the development of new uses and promote new ways of living and working.
Our ambition is conveyed by each of our 150,000 employees in 70 countries. Together with our customers and partners, they form a community of imaginative builders who invent and build today solutions for tomorrow.

2017 turnover: 65 billion Euros. Listed in Paris and Brussels (ENGI), the Group is represented in the main financial (CAC 40, BEL 20, Euro STOXX 50, STOXX Europe 600, MSCI Europe, Euronext 100, FTSE Eurotop 100, Euro STOXX Utilities, STOXX Europe 600 Utilities) and extra-financial indices (DJSI World, DJSI Europe and Euronext Vigeo Eiris - World 120, Eurozone 120, Europe 120, France 20, CAC 40 Governance).

April 2018

5. Our partners



Energy Observer’s technological and human challenge echoes CCR’s economic and scientific ambitions, as a public reinsurer: provide the French population with comprehensive access to insurance coverage against natural disaster risks and thanks to its cutting-edge technical expertise, further the study and prevention of climate change effects. As a private reinsurer, CCR Re also covers natural disaster risks providing market solutions to insurance companies throughout the world.

We are very proud to support the Energy Observer Odyssey and equally keen to invent and disseminate concrete solutions to contain its impact, in marine shipping in particular.
From this perspective, the exceptional journey on which Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse embarked is exemplary, in that it highlights the collective know-how of French scientists, insurers and sailors for this cause that we hold dearly to heart!

Pierre Blayau,
Chairman of CCR

About the CCR Group

CCR, a French state-owned reinsurance group, ranks amongst the top 25 international reinsurance players. Through the “Natural Disaster” compensation scheme backed by the State’s guarantee and working in the general interest, it provides the French market with coverage against natural disasters and other exceptional risks. In accordance with the Natural Disaster compensation scheme established in France in 1982, CCR is accredited to deliver, upon request of the insurer, unlimited state-guaranteed reinsurance coverage against natural disasters occurring in France. Thus, all insured parties - private individuals, businesses, local and regional authorities - have access to coverage against these risks whatever their exposure. Thanks to insurers’ and CCR concerted action, the scheme further guarantees a swift and prompt compensation for incurred losses whatever their scale.

Since January 1st, 2017, its subsidiary CCR Re, operates in Life, Non-Life and Specialty Lines in France and 80 countries worldwide. As a public and private reinsurer, the CCR Group invests in scientific research and prevention of climate change effects.

5. Our partners


Air Liquide

Air Liquide is supporting to the Energy Observer project, the first boat in the world powered by hydrogen and renewable energies that is also energy self-sufficient and does not emit any greenhouse gases or fine particles. The Group shares with the creators of Energy Observer the determination to develop clean energies.

In nearly 50 years, Air Liquide has mastered a unique expertise of the entire value chain, from production to usage, including storage and distribution.
Convinced that hydrogen is one of the key solutions to address the energy and air quality challenges, the Group has been committed for the last 20 years in developing the hydrogen energy economy, mostly in mobility. Air Liquide supports the deployment of charging stations needed on a worldwide scale (more than 120 worldwide to this day). Air Liquide is a major player in supplying low carbon hydrogen, mainly the industry and transport sectors.


About Air Liquide

A world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 80 countries with approximately 66,000 employees and serves more than 3.6 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are essential small molecules for life, matter and energy. They embody Air Liquide’s scientific territory and have been at the core of the company’s activities since its creation in 1902.

5. Our partners



For CHEREAU, Energy Observer is a strong example and a source of inspiration which demonstrates that the energy transition is possible when it is driven by a strong will for green innovation and a strong sense of environmental responsibility.
A concrete and meaningful partnership, as CHEREAU launches the industrialisation and commercialisation of hydrogen-powered refrigerated vehicles resulting from the ROAD collaborative project. Thus the CHEREAU Hydrogen Power H2 refrigerated semi-trailer produces its own refrigeration without CO2 or particle emissions, with silent operating and recharging in ten minutes.
By 2022, CHEREAU ambitions to deliver the first ten vehicles and within 10 years the company is aiming to get 25% of its production to hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Beyond that, CHEREAU is committed to promoting the hydrogen industry by supporting projects such as hydrogen filling stations in France.

This project is part of a global environmental approach. At the same time, we are working on the energy frugality of the CHEREAU vehicles through weight reduction and a new generation of insulation. All of these projects represent major investments, essential to ensure that the energy transition is made as quickly as possible out of respect for future generations.

Damien Destremau,

5. Our partners


Crédit Maritime

The Energy Observer epic irrigates several areas: outreach of Saint-Malo cradle of the project, preservation of the marine ecosystem, scientific research, etc. By supporting the adventure of this first hydrogen ship, Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest is echoing its history and its future, that of contributing to maritime innovation. These are all common points that have made this partnership a reality since 2017.
Crédit Maritime, a brand operated by Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, has maintained a special relationship with sea lovers since its creation in 1906. It is thanks to this crew spirit that Crédit Maritime has been able to enjoy beautiful crossings for so many years... and for a long time to come!

Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest in a few figures:
˜ 45,000 members
˜ 89,000 customers
˜ 370 employees

5. Our partners


Delta Dore

For 40 years, Delta Dore has been innovating to put the best of technology within the user's reach and at the service of comfort and energy savings at home and at work.Delta Dore shares with the creators of Energy Observer the willingness to invest in these social issues.

We have been involved in the energy transition for many years. As such, we wanted to mobilize for development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Chairman of the Management Board of Delta Dore

The ship is equipped with Delta Dore solutions for controlling lighting, heating, consumption monitoring and security (alarms) on board.

About Delta Dore

DELTA DORE is one of the pioneering French companies and market leader in connected home and building solutions.
A long-standing player in the management of comfort and energy, DELTA DORE is part of a constant dynamic of innovation with more than 10% of its revenues invested in R&D. A recognized constant that has enabled the company to anticipate market developments and radically shift from product design to complete solutions integrating mobile applications and associated services.

5. Our partners


For 65 years, the women and men of Groupe Lamotte have been committed to meeting challenges. As a leading real estate player in the Atlantic Arc, Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes, the partnership with Energy Observer is a matter of course for the Group. At the forefront of change, respectful of people and their environment, Lamotte has placed innovation at the heart of its development, practices and achievements in order to imagine a sustainable future for housing. The partnership with Energy Observer is a natural part of this approach with a real sharing of values: challenge, initiative, people and exchange. Energy Observer, a passionate mission, committed and shared by the Lamotte Group.

5. Our partners



Draka Fileca,, a subsidiary of Prysmian Group, world leader in the cable industry for power energy and telecommunications, has decided to support the Energy Observer project and is the Official Supplier of the electric cables that equip the boat. The cables supplied by Draka Fileca connect the various renewable energy sources to the engines and allow the supply of all electrical and navigation equipment to the ship. Energy Observer and CEA Liten, the ship’s energy architect, have chosen Draka Fileca’s copper or aluminum- based aerospace cables for performance, reliability and lightness.

Draka Fileca is one of the leading suppliers of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, and all these qualities demonstrated for many years, especially throughout equipment of the complete Airbus range, contribute to the efficiency and relevance of new energy sources implemented on this boat.

After having equipped Solar Impulse, this technical support is in line with our commitment to clean energy and we are proud to contribute once again to the success of an innovative and ambitious project: the Odyssey for the future of Energy Observer

Alain Jeanguillaume

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. With nearly 140 years of experience, sales of over €7.5 billion in 2016, 21,000 employees across 50 countries and 82 plants, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how. It operates in the businesses of underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, of special cables for applications in many different industries and of medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. For the telecommunications industry, the Group manufactures cables and accessories for voice, video and data transmission, offering a comprehensive range of optical fibres, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems. Prysmian is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index.

5. Our partners



SACIB is a company based in Saint-Malo, we love to get involved with local life, projects related to the sea in particular, so we couldn’t miss this truly inspirational, modern day adventure.
Our activity, intimately linked to the environment and innovation, encourages us to evolve towards excellence in renewable energies and new technologies to offer our clients ever more efficient and sustainable housing.

There is no doubt that the research carried out on board the Energy Observer will be a source of inspiration for us in future constructions.

Véronique Bléas-Moncorps - Group President


Located in Saint-Malo for almost 45 years, SACIB is the real estate specialist of the Côte d’Emeraude. A family run business backed by 31 employees, SACIB manages 3 complementary activities: property development, construction and an estate agency (transaction, rental and rental management).

Perfect knowledge of the local real estate market, a well-established savoir-faire and an experienced sales team make SACIB the best partner for all your real estate projects in St Malo and its region.

5. Our partners



In the photovoltaic sector since 2007, Solbian is now an affirmed manufacturer of flexible solar panels. Born from the encounter between the most important Italian sailor, Giovanni Soldini, and anaffirmed physicist, Marco Bianucci, the Turin-based company represents their will to bring solar energy on boats.

Innovation, efficiency, lightness have become with time the core features of Solbian products. The motto "Freedom powered by the Sun" describes in just a few words the essence of this firm, which year after year has worked hard to guarantee energy independence to its costumers.A company that has been chosen by many affirmed sailors, who have tested the durability and power of these solar panels in the toughest conditions.

Embarking on the Energy Observer project represented the natural course of things for Solbian, as it is driven by the same fundamental motivation, namely the strong belief that the journey to a better future starts with a deeper respect for the environment.

5. Our partners



A team of teachers and students from Icam, School of Engineering has developed the wind turbines that equip Energy Observer.
Icam groups together 40 researchers on our 6 French campuses.

Our team in Nantes has rich experiences in Naval industry and Maritime Renewable Energy :
• Modelling the dynamic behavior of metallic and composite immerged structures
• Instrumentation and measurement of embedded structures dynamic behavior
• Composite materials and Recycling
• Energy: design and manufacturing of energy production and management systems
• Composite manufacturing: draping, Resin Infusion, RTM, heating, forming, welding...
• Industrial demonstrators
• Modelling of production workflow

5. Our partners


Ben Touch

Créé en 2009 à Angers, le Groupe Ben Touch est résolument tourné vers les nouvelles technologies et les nouveaux produits innovants de protection de surfaces. Cette holding appuie son développement sur une stratégie marketing phygital, à la fois en magasins physiques et sur le web. Grâce à ses sociétés en pleine croissance dans différents secteurs d’activité, le Groupe Ben Touch a pour ambition de s’investir pleinement dans la recherche. C’est pourquoi, depuis sa création, l’innovation et l’écologie sont au cœur de son identité.

Aujourd’hui, le Groupe Ben Touch est notamment la maison-mère du leader Français de la rénovation de l’habitat, Technitoit, et de Pr. Phobe, entreprise tournée vers la recherche et la commercialisation de produits innovants et écologiques de protection des surfaces, à destination des professionnels comme des particuliers.

Le Groupe Ben Touch et sa filiale Technitoit, ont été les premières PME à soutenir et s’investir dans le formidable projet Energy Observer. Depuis 2012, Benjamin Erisoglu, fondateur du Groupe Ben Touch, est aux côtés de Victorien Érussard et de son équipe pour que le rêve de voir un bateau totalement autonome en énergie naviguer à travers le monde, devienne enfin réalité.

Le Groupe Ben Touch et ses filiales travaillent depuis de longues années sur de nouvelles solutions innovantes de protection des surfaces. Pour cela, Benjamin Erisoglu a doté sa société de son propre laboratoire R&D, Pr. Phobe, dans lequel plusieurs scientifiques et chercheurs développent à plein temps de nouvelles formules.

Grâce à ces recherches, sa filiale Technitoit peut ainsi se targuer d’être le 1er fabricant-applicateur dans le monde du BTP en France et d’utiliser ses propres produits, notamment sur les toitures et les façades.

En parallèle, le Groupe Ben Touch a souhaité se tourner vers des énergies renouvelables en fondant Europe Énergie. L’objectif : aider les particuliers à produire leur propre énergie photovoltaïque et aérovoltaïque. Grâce aux solutions solaires d’Europe Énergie, ils pourront récupérer et consommer l’électricité et la chaleur produite par les panneaux solaires. À la clé, de fortes économies sur les factures de production de chauffage et d’électricité.

Le Groupe Ben Touch, par le biais de son laboratoire de recherches, a pu expérimenter sur Energy Observer une nouvelle solution révolutionnaire de protection des panneaux solaires dont les premiers résultats ont été très prometteurs. Le Groupe Ben Touch participe ainsi pleinement au projet Energy Observer et à toutes les avancées scientifiques sur les énergies renouvelables.

Convaincu que ce projet sera le précurseur du monde de demain, le Groupe Ben Touch est fier de faire partie intégrante de l’aventure Energy Observer.

5. Our partners



Alexseal is a leading brand in the market for high quality yacht coatings and is owned by German paint specialist Mankiewicz.

Traditionally rooted in the field of interior coatings for aviation, automotive and general industry, Mankiewicz continuously expanded its advanced technology to new business areas. Alexseal offers a complete system of premium paint products specifically designed for substrates such as carbon and fiberglass.

In the realm of environmental protection and sustainability Alexseal is committed to continually improving overall product performance by exceeding global standards and observing legal requirements worldwide. This in combination with the system’s gloss, longelivety and protection capabilities makes Alexseal an optimal partner for the Energy Observer project and its unique requirements.

Alexseal supplied both exterior and interior paint. The portfolio encompassed all products from fairing to topcoats including clear coat with antiskid applied on the solar panels. The bottom of the vessel is painted with an innovative and ground-breaking alternative to regular anti-fouling that is harmless to underwater life and ensures a clean hull in all waters.

5. Our partners



For 50 years, Armor Méca has been specialised in high-precision machining for the aeronautics industry. Among its clients are the major names in the sector, such as Airbus, Thalès and Safran. The company, headed by Sébastien Colas, has developed a real expertise in machining titanium and aluminium pieces, as well as in metal additive printing systems for the medical sector. At the fully automated plant in Pleslin-Trivagou, part of Energy Observer’s deck equipement, including mooring cleats, has been made, in addition to the helm system and the wind turbines’ mechanical parts.

5. Our partners


Boarding Light

Boarding Ring's mission is to improve the passenger's experience in all types of vehicles. We designed and developed the on-board lighting system BOARDING LIGHT to prevent sea sickness. Composed of LED columns cleverly arranged inside the boat, BOARDING LIGHT is able to perceive movement and recreate an artificial horizon line. The sensorial conflict (eye/inner ear) that causes the condition is made impossible, and sea sickness is thus prevented! BOARDING LIGHT improves the comfort and vigilance of all passengers and offers a user experience second to none. Besides being the most effective, our solution is natural, collective, and sustainable. It is also available for other modes of transport.

5. Our partners



French leader for the past 7 years, FUGU® conceives and makes innovative architectural structures for event and communication professionals.
Aesthetic, resilient, innovative and nomadic, FUGU® offers multiple structures and solutions: modulated and versatile cubes & containers, geodetic domes, aesthetic stands, customisable tents, stylish presentation tunnels, inflatable furniture.
Supporting Energy Observer is for us an opportunity to go further and contribute to developing tomorrows structures with an ambitious project whilst participating in a wonderful odyssey.


5. Our partners


HP France

The partnership between HP and Energy Observer is in direct continuity of HP’s aim to develop its sustainable impact and encourage its suppliers to reduce their impact on environment. The values of the Energy Observer project are in complete adequation with HP’s CSR engagements.

For HP France, the partnership with Energy Observer is part of its ongoing commitment to people, communities and the planet. All our research and development is driven by this desire to invent technologies that use clean and environmentally friendly energy. Participating in this project is an opportunity for HP to put its expertise and products at the service of a collective project that encourages and promotes alternative production methods.

Pascale Dumas, CEO HP France

We never stop reinventing ourselves at HP. Our objective is to improve everyone’s life around the world. The core of our strategy is to aim for our actions to have a sustainable impact, not only because we are convinced it is the right thing to do, but also because it fuels our drive for innovation, growth and long-term success. Companies nowadays cannot merely generate profit, they need to use their resources and knowledge to tackle societal issues, defend strong values and become beacons for industries, governments and collectivities. HP has always put this concept and these values at the forefront of its everyday operations.
In 1942, HP founder Dave Packard was almost mocked in a Stanford conference when he shared his view that a company was responsible not only towards shareholders, but also towards employees, clients and society as a whole.

5. Our partners



A project supported by AFHYPAC

Bringing together more than 160 members, the French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (AFHYPAC) federates the players in the French hydrogen industry structured along the entire value chain: major industrial groups developing large-scale projects, SME-SMIs and innovative start-ups supported by laboratories and research centres of excellence, associations, competitive clusters and local authorities mobilised for the deployment of hydrogen solutions. Its ambition: to accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions to make the energy transition a success, boost the economy and create value locally to improve the quality of life for all.

In the 16th century, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, and other major explorers were exploring new paths and discovering new lands. Today, Energy Observer is an incredible boat that will show the way to a cleaner world, where renewable energies are fully valued, and where hydrogen takes its place alongside other energy carriers.

Philippe BOUCLY,
President of AFHYPAC

Energy Observer is the perfect demonstration that hydrogen allows for the integration of renewable energy into our daily lives. By travelling around the world using only renewable energies stored on board in the form of hydrogen, this vessel will complete a world premiere, and open the door to a new era without fossil fuels. Hydrogen is wind and sun stored to continuously power our homes, our offices, and our transport systems. The AFHYPAC supports this project and its team.

Member of the Board of AFHYPAC

5. Our partners


Hydrogen Council

About the Hydrogen Council

The Hydrogen Council is a global initiative of leading energy, transport and industry companies with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition.

Launched at the World Economic Forum 2017, in Davos, the growing coalition of CEOs have the ambition to:
• Accelerate their significant investment in the development and commercialization of the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors.
• Encourage key stakeholders to increase their backing of hydrogen as part of the future energy mix with appropriate policies and supporting schemes.

In the first global initiative of its kind, the Hydrogen Council is determined to position hydrogen among the key solutions of the energy transition. The Council works with, and provides recommendations to, several key stakeholders such as policy makers, investors, international agencies and civil society to achieve these goals.

Hydrogen is a versatile, clean, and safe energy carrier that can be used as fuel for power or in industry as feedstock. It generates zero emissions at point of use when produced from (renewable) electricity or from decarbonised fossil fuels. Its high energy density makes it particularly suitable for energy storage – critical for integration of renewables.

Hydrogen products have progressed massively in recent years and their global market introduction is now accelerating rapidly thanks to growing investment in new large-scale projects, mounting consumer interest and political backing. Players along the value chain are ready to take hydrogen to the next level, which presents a substantial economic and investment opportunity.

As a group of CEOs of leading global businesses, the Hydrogen Council invites policy-makers, investors and civil society stakeholders to acknowledge the contribution and potential of hydrogen as a key element of the energy transition. Together, we seek to define and implement a specific action plan with appropriate supporting tools that will help accelerate major investment into the large-scale commercialization of hydrogen solutions across industries world-wide.

If we want to deliver on our common vision, the time to act is now.

5. Our partners


Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme

Nicolas Hulot and Victorien Erussard have known each other since 2005. During his preparation for the Route du Rhum, the young skipper recognised Nicolas Hulot driving in Saint-Malo, and knocked on his car window, «Can I speak to you for a second?» recalled Nicolas.

This is the beginning of a long friendship during which Nicolas sponsored all of Victorien’s boats, and sailed a few regattas with the young racer. Inevitably, this relationship and the messages carried by Nicolas inspired Victorien for his next challenge: Energy Observer.

Nicolas Hulot is highly committed to the project, following it closely and providing all of his experience and personal or team support. Indeed, the « Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme » created by Nicolas Hulot awarded Energy Observer with a prize in 2016, and regularly brings their assistance to the project and its team.

Energy Observer is more than a vessel; it is a demonstrator and collector of solutions. It designs a future that has already begun. A long-termand evolving project that wishes to create a wave of positive energies. I identify with this team’s state of mind, which is notresolutely turned towards a statement, but rather turned towards innovation.

Nicolas Hulot

5. Our partners


Brittany Regional Council

For the Brittany Regional Council, the Energy Observer project embodies yachting in the 21st century, combining energy and digital transition, and supported by sailors from one of the most famous of Brittany’s coastal regions, Pays de Saint-Malo.

While the regional authorities have long supported the technological innovations in Brittany’s shipyards, especially for offshore yacht races, they are also very attentive to the efforts made by all those involved in yachting in terms of sustainable development.

The Energy Observer project signals a new step forwards, associating sailing with renewable energy production so that a boat, like a region, a building or an individual house, can be autonomous in energy on the ocean.

Since 2010, the Region has worked hard to develop renewable energies, and to keep energy consumption under control. Energy Observer matches these aims.

But ecological transition cannot be achieved without the help of innovative technologies, and this is the challenge for the Glaz Economy, blending high-tech expertise and traditional Brittany skills, including the trades linked to the sea. Here again, Victorien Érussard and Jérôme Delafosse’s project is in line with regional priorities.

A maritime region such as Brittany is naturally delighted to give its support to the Energy Observer, an authentic adventure combining preservation of the environment and technological innovation.

Loïg CHESNAIS-GIRARD - President of Brittany Regional Council

5. Our partners



In order to carry out its mission of renewable energy promotion and awareness-raising concerning the issues of energy transition, Energy Observer will be backed by UNESCO. UNESCO’s representatives will be associated with the development and the execution of the mission, through their direct integration within Energy Observer’s steering committees.

Throughout its entire 6-year world trip, Energy Observer will be able to rely on the support of the institution and its representa- tives in several areas:
• promoting renewable energies to face challenges related toenergy, climate change, and sustainable development.
• dispensing educational material produced by Energy Observer to UNESCO’s school system across the world.

A promising and ambitious partnership which materialised during the Tour of France with a stopover in the Biosphere Reseve on the island of El Hierro (Spain), for the documentary series the Odyssey for the Future. This partnership will extend during the whole expedition, starting with the natural reserve of Scandola in Corsica, during the 2018 Mediterranean Tour.

5. Our partners


Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition

"Energy Observer is the first hydrogen vessel to have sailed around the globe, and it is more than just a boat. It is a detector and demonstrator of solutions. It shows us a future that already exists", says Nicolas Hulot, Ministre d’État, Minister for an Ecological and Solidary Transition, and sponsor of Energy Observer.

It is a long-term evolutionary project that creates a wave of positive energy and provides a unique showcase of innovations in ecological and energy transition. I am delighted that Victorien Erussard, the captain of Energy Observer, has become the first French ambassador of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In September 2015, the 193 UN member states adopted the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is an ambitious agenda for People, the Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership (the 5Ps), which aims to eliminate hunger and poverty worldwide while preserving our planet thanks to sustainable development.

What the Sustainable Development Goals tell us is that future solutions are to be found within new development models that will simultaneously address poverty and inequality, the preservation of our natural environment, climate change, and infrastructures and innovations that are less resource hungry, for a future decided on by everyone.

Energy Observer fits exactly into this approach: its Odyssey for the Future makes raising awareness of new renewable energy technologies possible, serving to prove their viability so that in the future they can supply our homes, buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities. Representing more than just a turnkey, ubiquitously adaptable solution, Energy Observer makes you want take action for new solutions.

The travelling village that will accompany it at its 101 stopovers in 50 countries will help raise awareness of climate change, the development of renewable energy, and the Sustainable Development Goals among the people encountered — especially young people.

Energy Observer's Odyssey for the Future simultaneously exemplifies the challenge of meeting and learning about others, and sharing knowledge. By seeking and highlighting locally developed solutions, this Odyssey forms a bond between women and men who invent and take action in creating the world of tomorrow, who push us towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Openness to the world, promoting solutions providing hope, and sharing knowledge and experience are therefore at the very heart of this project; a project responding to the need for an ecological and solidary transition. This is why the Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition is delighted to embark on this vessel, and it looks forward to its opening to the general public which will fully enable its role as an ambassador of Sustainable Development Goals.

5. Our partners



The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future and serves as the principal platform for international co-operation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy.

IRENA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.

5. Our partners


France 24

About France 24, a France Médias Monde channel

France 24, the international news channel, broadcasts 24/7 to 333 million homes around the world in French, Arabic and English. The three channels have a combined weekly viewership of 55 million viewers (measured in 65 of the 183 countries where the channel is broadcast). From its newsroom in Paris, France 24 gives a French perspective on global affairs through a network of 160 correspondent bureaus located in nearly every country. It is available via cable, satellite, DTT, ADSL, on mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs, as well as on YouTube in three languages. Every month, France 24’s digital platforms attract 16.5 million visits, 36.5 million video views (2016 average) and 31.1 million followers on Facebook and Twitter (January 2017).

5. Our partners



The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission CEA is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas : defense and safety, nuclear and renewable energies, technological research for industry and fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.

The CEA is much involved in the development of renewable energies. In collaboration with many industrials, CEA carries out R&D in solar energy (thermal, thermodynamic and photovoltaic), bio-based energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, batteries, smart materials, energy-efficient buildings, territories with optimized energy consumption , smart grids and storage systems.

Researchers from CEA-Liten and INES are proud to have developed innovative renewable technologies, including photovoltaic, energy efficiency, storage and new materials, that are implemented in the energetic chain of Energy Observer.


5. Our partners



PLANETE+ shows a world on the move, follows the actors of change and invites its public to go forward with those who are inventing the world of tomorrow. Ten years ago, we chose to follow Jérôme Delafosse in his commitment to protect the oceans, an engagement which we initiated together with « Peoples of the Sea » (Les Nouveaux Explorateurs/Canal+).

Today, PLANETE+ continues the adventure and joins ENERGY OBSERVER and it’s team, lead by Jérôme Delafosse, and Victorien Erussard, Captain, to become the echo of this incredible ecological, environmental and before all, human adventure. An Odyssey on board a revolutionary catamaran entirely dedicated to renewable energies: ENERGY OBSERVER, already called by some the “modern time COUSTEAU’S CALYPSO” or even the “SOLAR IMPULSE of the seas”.

More than a technological challenge, ENERGY OBSERVER is the symbol of a world in movement. It’s a bet on audacity, the promise of changing a paradigm for the best. With this vessel, PLANETE+ engages itself once again in a visionary way. a brand new lab giving us the possibility to tackle new subjects, thanks to a documentary film realized by Jérôme Delafosse, named Odyssey for the Future.

In total, 8 episodes retracing this modern saga will be broadcast for the Planete+ 30th anniversary, in September 2018. Raise awareness, share, reenchant… Welcome onboard the adventure!

This challenge deserves our support, our encouragement and our recognition for future generations. With ENERGY OBSERVER, PLANETE+ engages itself once again in a visionary way: a brand new lab giving us the possibility to tackle new subjects, follow innovative perspectives, new scriptures and thus guaranty the diversity of the documentary film genre. Take the planet’s pulse. Sensitize, share, inspire... Welcome on board!

Christine Cauquelin,
Head of the Canal+ group « discovery » channels.

5. Our partners


Petit Forestier

Petit Forestier, European leader in refrigerated vehicle and container rental, has made the choice of developing its expertise exclusively in the field of refrigeration and commercialises a multi-product range that includes the rental of more than 54,800 refrigerated vehicles, 44,140 displays and 2,900 containers. With more than 15,000 customers, and more than 2,900 employees, Petit Forestier’s competitiveness relies on the proximity of its network of branches and its full service. Petit Forestier uses its expertise to provide its customers with solutions that meet the requirements of their profession and offer them an optimal quality of service.

Looking resolutely to the future and concerned for the world of tomorrow, Petit Forestier attempts to integrate sustainable development into the daily life of the company.

To take part of the Energy Observer project requires to push back our limits and to face, together, the challenge of alternative energies. Petit Forestier has always been focused on innovation and we are confident that new technologies will allow us to change the way we work to get through environmental issues. In cold production as well as in fossil fuel, Petit Forestier is always challenging itself and will include the Energy Observer project in its reflexion about new energies.

Arnold de Cespédes,
President de Petit Forestier Location

5. Our partners


The European Commission

The European Commission is the European Union(EU)’s executive arm. Its role is to promote the general interest of the EU by proposing and enforcing legislation as well as by implementing policies and the EU budget.

Political leadership is provided by a team of 28 Commissioners (one from each EU country) and the day-to-day running of Commission business is performed by departments known as Directorates-General (DGs), each responsible for a specific policy area. Energy Observer, thanks to cross-sectional nature, interacts with DGs Energy, Environment, Climate Action, Mobility & Transport and Research & Innovation.

5. Our partners


The European Covenant of Mayors

The European Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local governments voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives.
The Covenant of Mayors was launched in 2008 in Europe with the ambition to mobilise local governments voluntarily committed to achieving and exceeding the EU climate and energy targets. The initiative now gathers 9,000+ local and regional authorities across the globe, drawing on the strengths of a worldwide multi-stakeholder movement and the support offered by dedicated offices.

Signatories endorse a shared vision for 2050: accelerating the decarbonisation of their territories, strengthening their capacity to adapt to unavoidable climate change impacts, and provide their citizens with access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy.
Signatory cities pledge action to support the delivery of the EU 40% greenhouse gas-reduction target by 2030, the adoption of a joint approach to tackling mitigation and adaptation to climate change and providing secure, sustainable and affordable energy to their citizens.

Covenant signatories translate their political commitment into practical measures and projects, by developing and implementing Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP) outlining the key actions they will undertake.

The European Covenant community supports the journey undertaken by the Energy Observer and stands ready to engage with this key climate and energy initiative.

5. Our partners


Bateaux Mouches

At the beginning there was… Jean Bruel : Ship-owner and adventurer at heart. A quirky idea occupied his mind ! He would allow people to tour the capital by its prettiest avenue, the Seine. Great resistant and remarkable visionary, Jean Bruel knew that the post war years would mark a new era with a true upturn of the leisure and trip culture. He founds the Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches® in 1949. In 1952, he builds the first all-glass boat; a totally pioneer concept if not to say revolutionary. The ecological commitment of the Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches® is hardly new, that’s why supporting Energy Observer seemed obvious to Charlotte Bruel, CEO of the Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches®!

Since 2005-2006, management has been working on the subject of ecology even though at the time the topic wasn’t as prevalent as today. For 12 years now, the company has taken a decisive turn and demonstrates daily that its commitment is an integral part of its DNA. Charlotte Bruel selects materials that are cleaner, more noble and easier to recycle. Progressively all the installations are making room for ecological concepts. Considerable investments have been made : 500 000 euros alone for the Hydro Mouche project. The Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches® is working on an electrical fuel cell that only uses hydrogen and rejects solely water in the atmosphere.

After a “blank” year, we are resuming work to evolve towards the green fleet we are committed to in a near future. Supporting Energy Observer is an incredible opportunity to advance and find cleaner energies.


5. Our partners



Toyota has been a partner of Energy Observer’s journey into the future since its christening in Paris on 6 July 2017. At the time, Toyota France became Energy Observer’s mobility partner, providing hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at each stage of its Tour de France.

Mid-2018, the partnership was raised to a higher level when Toyota Motor Europe stepped in - now an official partner of Energy Observer, with Toyota providing mobility solutions for all future stopovers.

As a global mobility company, Toyota is a pioneer and leader of environmentally friendly technologies. Toyota’s global environmental roadmap, “Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050”, includes objectives to minimise the environmental impact of vehicles on society throughout their lifecycle.

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technology is a pillar of this approach, which started over 20 years ago with the introduction of Prius. Today, global hybrid sales are in access of 15 million, and hybrid makes up for over 52% of its European sales, with 20 hybrid models available in Europe.

Leveraging on its hybrid heritage, Toyota pioneered the automotive market once again in 2014 with the introduction of the Mirai, the world’s first commercial car powered by zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) technology.

In 2019, in preparation of Energy Observer’s 2020 journey crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Energy Observer and Toyota have worked closely together to introduce Toyota’s leading fuel cell technology in the Energy Observer. Toyota Europe’s Technical Centre has especially developed a fuel cell system, using components first introduced in the Toyota Mirai and fitted it into a compact module suitable for marine applications - delivering more power and efficiency, but also high reliability.

5. Our partners



For more than 40 years, CMA CGM has been opening new routes, forging links and making trade possible across oceans and borders. The CMA CGM Group the result of an extraordinary family business venture started in Marseille in 1978. It is now headed by Rudolph Saadé.

Drawing on strong human values, the Group has always viewed its economic performance as inseparable from its social performance and has therefore put its environmental commitment at the heart of its strategy. Between 2005 and 2015, it cut back CO2 emissions per container transported by 50%, with an additional reduction target of 30% by 2025.

To achieve this, CMA CGM is fitting out its ships with the latest and most environment friendly technologies, namely alternative means of propulsion. It is doing this with a pioneering mindset, to act today on the basis of the best solutions available.

This commitment is borne out by the company’s resolute investment in Liquefied Natural Gas, with the order of 20 LNG-powered vessels by 2022, a world first that will help to drastically reduce emissions of air pollutants: -20% for CO2, up to -85% for nitrogen oxide, and -99% for sulphur oxide and fine particles.

At the same time, the company is also deploying bio-fuel solutions. After a series of conclusive tests in partnership with IKEA as part of The Good Shipping Program, CMA CGM will use several tens of thousands of tonnes of biofuel in 2020, a unique project which will make it possible to navigate almost one million kilometres.

As a strategic partner of Energy Observer, CMA CGM is leveraging its R&D experts, its industrial capabilities and its know-how in maritime transport to accelerate the emergence of more innovative technologies for the environment and the industrialisation of new energy solutions based on hydrogen, solar, wind and hydro to achieve zero emission maritime transport.

5. Our partners


Union for the Mediterranean

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is the intergovernmental Euro-Mediterranean organisation that brings together all 28 countries of the European Union and 15 countries from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean. The UfM provides a forum to enhance regional cooperation and dialogue, as well as the implementation of concrete projects and initiatives with tangible impact on the citizens in order to address the three strategic objectives of the region: stability, human development and integration.

5. Our partners


Ville de Saint-Malo /
Saint-Malo Agglomeration

Splendid project carried out by two St Malo natives bound by they passion for the ocean, Energy Observer takes on board all the values that shapes our city’s soul. They carry on the spirit of adventure and discovery developed by their renowned fellow citizens, trailblazers in the exploration of newfound lands. By creating the first completely energy autonomous vessel, propelled by renewables, and by soaring into a journey around the world, Victorien and Jérome demonstrate with success that cutting-edge technologies and ecology can and should be inseparable. Sporting and scientific adventure, Energy Observer is above everything a human adventure. It’s source of great pride that such a project was born in Saint-Malo.

Mayor of Saint-Malo,
President of the Saint-Malo Agglomeration

5. Our partners


VPLP design

Faced with the necessity to devise ways of reducing the environmental impact of sea transport, VPLP design has taken Oceanwings®, a high-performance technical solution which the design firm developed for the America’s Cup, and adapted it to the needs of commercial shipping. Indeed, ships carry 90 % of all trade across the globe and, as a result, play a major role in the emission of greenhouse gasses. Oceanwings® is an automated and reefable soft wing sail that outperforms conventional rigging by a ratio of two to one. Designed to supplement a vessel’s main propulsion units (ideally electric motors), this auxiliary “wind engine” constitutes the kingpin of the hybrid ship propulsion systems of the future.

Energy Observer is a platform for demonstrating the potential of tomorrow’s fuel-free solutions, and Oceanwings® is the obvious choice for ensuring the success of its transoceanic capabilities. Using energy derived from natural sources that are free and available everywhere is Energy Observer’s promise to future generations.

5. Our partners



Nikon France is proud to support the Energy Observer project, in line with the brand’s values, namely discovery, perfection through innovative technology, and human commitment.

About Nikon

The Japanese brand NIKON, born in 1917, is the world leader in numerical imaging and optical precision. The French branch, created in 1987 and based in Champigny sur Marne, which president is Mr Benoît de Dieuleveult, distributes Nikon’s products in France. Nikon France is organised in two business units. The Picture division distributes the photography equipments (individual cameras, lenses NIKKOR, action cameras) and binoculars. The Instruments unit distributes microscopy systems for research purposes, medical applications and the biology industry.

5. Our partners



Created by lovers of the underwater world, SCUBAPRO is the most iconic scuba diving equipment brand on the market. SCUBAPRO, which stands as a benchmark in terms of innovation, performances, reliability and sustainability, is proud to support Energy Observer, aligned with the brand’s values for ocean protection, through its energy-efficient and ecological production processes, because it is our duty to protect the ecosystems we love to explore.

5. Our partners


Champagne Laurent-Perrier

The House of Laurent-Perrier is acknowledged today for its excellence the world over. Each wine has been born out of an innovative boldness,a creative impulse and a longstanding quest for pleasure. Each of the cuvées in the range are linked by a common signature, marked by freshness, purity and elegance. The quality of the wines and Laurent-Perrier's approach to sustainable development are at the heart of its activities: reasoned viticulture and winemaking process. By supporting the Energy Observer project, the House asserts its will to play a role in the conservation of the nature through the protection of environment and the terroir.

5. Our partners


Agency for the Environment and Energy Management

ADEME is active in the implementation of public policy in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development. ADEME provides expertise and advisory services to businesses, local authorities and communities, government bodies and the public at large, to enable them to establish and consolidate their environmental action.

As part of this work the agency helps finance projects, from research to implementation, in its areas of action : waste management, soil preservation, energy efficiency and renewable energies, economic use of raw materials, air quality, fighting noise pollution, transition towards a circular economy and fight against food waste.

ADEME is a public body under the joint authority of the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

5. Our partners


Mercator Ocean International

Mercator Ocean International is a privately-owned, not-for-profit profit company, funded by nine major players in operational oceanography worldwide, that are privileged users and key scientific partners of the Copernicus Marine Service : CMCC (Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici), CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research), Ifremer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea), IRD (Institute of Research for Development), Météo-France and the UK Met-Office, NERSC (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center), SHOM (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the French Navy), and the Spanish Puertos Del Estado. Mercator Ocean designs, develops and runs forecasting systems based on ocean numerical modelling fed by ocean observations, to describe the physical and biogeochemical states of the ocean at any time, above and beneath the surface, at global and regional scales.

This enables Mercator Ocean to deliver a highly qualified and customized oceanographic service, adapted to any user needing to receive regular or one-off ocean information in specific area at the right time, delivering tailor-made products, maps, or expertise.

5. Our partners



Universcience, the public establishment of the « Palais de la découverte » and the « Cité des sciences et de l’industrie », aims to make science accessible to all and to promote scientific and technical culture.

Designed in close collaboration with researchers and enriched by mediation, the cultural offer deployed by the « Cité des sciences et de l’industrie » and the « Palais de la découverte » includes exhibitions, events, conferences, as well as spaces dedicated to children, resources and experimentation with digital tools, in resonance with contemporary scientific issues.

By promoting young people’s awareness of science, innovation and contemporary scientific issues, Universcience is perfectly in line with the spirit and values of Energy Observer, of which it is a partner.

5. Our partners


Equilibre des Energies

Gathering stakeholders involved in the decarbonization of human activities, the association Equilibre des Energies (EdEn) is convinced that reducing green-house gas emissions is a priority and a necessity.

This is why EdEn commits to the ambitious French project whose vocation is to prefigure a clean and CO2-free future energy mix for many versatile fields of application. During the next 5 years, around the world, the vessel will test various embarked solutions powered by solar and wind energy along with green hydrogen.

Our association was sensitive to this initiative that allows us a glimpse at tomorrow’s electrical networks and demonstrates that a CO2-free energy mix is possible. Like EdEn, Energy Observer promotes a synergy between the different energies; working in collaboration will be the only way to reduce green-house gas emissions. This partnership is the opportunity to bring our expertise and our experience to Energy Observer’s crew, along with highlighting in our various medias their Odyssey’s latest news.

Gilles Rogers-Boutbien,
EdEn’s General Secretary

About EdEn

Created in 2011, the association Equilibre des Energies (EdEn) is a cross-cutting platform gathering stakeholders from the energy, construction and mobility sectors, in phase with economic and human realities, gathered around one common project: building a better energy society.



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